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This is where your problems meet their solutions...

(in a gadget kinda way)

It's very gratifying that you have followed the yellow click road to mine and my wifey's corner of the net,

You've come here so I may as well tell you why I'm here,
My name is Thomas,  I used to nail bits of wood together for a living, otherwise known as being a carpenter, Probably the most enriching aspect of my job was being the solutions guy, as a matter of fact the whole job was, and still is, one big problem that needs a solution, someone has a dream house stuck in their head, the solution is that exciting image in their head appearing in reality. 
Although there is immense satisfaction making people happy by building them something aesthetically pleasing and useful, sadly, I've gotten to an age where my knobbly knees are failing not to mention the simple fact that the construction industry was not catering to all my interests, there was just a lot more to mine and my wife's life than me nailing bits of wood together all day, then coming home exhausted and being the useless lump falling asleep on the couch.
But, as I said, I have always loved the challenge of solving problems, but sometimes haven't had the time to manufacture the solution, 
Recently I had a bit of an injury that had my back seizing up, that and just the creeping onset of a tired 40 plus body, and I needed an easier way to reach down and pull my socks on, yeah strange story but it has its place,  
Anyway, how could I pull my socks on without straining myinjuredback, I thought some sort of bracket thingamy that holds the sock open that was long enough to reach my feet, so I could pull the socks over my feet and release the socks after they were on, 
Well, I guess you can't be expected to know everything, they are already invented and manufactured,butwhat I found out there in the digital wonderland was quite exciting for a solution minded person, there was stacks of solution-oriented gadgets, tons of them, solutions, solutions, solutions, solutions everywhere, ...., you just have to know where to look.
So here we are, an Aussie owned business, this is us, my wifey and I, living out in the sticks to the east of Melbourne embarking on a business journey that came about when we both realised, we all live in a time like never before, an exciting time with a world connected by the internet to a world full of manufacturers and inventers competing with each other intent on designing and creating things that make our lives better., and that iswhat we are about, finding those items for you that make your life just that much better.
And before you say anything, I know, I know, I did mean embarking, clearly, we have only just started, it's a work in progress but, you have to start somewhere, so, this is me introducing myself to you while you may be dropping by when its little more than a kid's lemonade stand, but whether you see this store with 1 item or 501 items, we are dedicated to learning how to make shopping online a great experience and growing this business by selling the things that solve problems and create the good life, from health, to yard tools, from carpentry tools, to car tools, from cool looking household knick-knacks to linen on the bed, we will endeavour toprovide great service with everything we sell at an honest and reasonableprice. There you go, my rant over, email us withany suggestionsor any queries, we will be pleased to help, thanks for dropping by. 
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